Challenge Day at CCMS

10/18/2011 - 8:15am
10/18/2011 - 2:45pm

Challenge Day


CCMS will be hosting three Challenge Days on September 20th, October 18th and November 15th. The following information will hopefully answer the questions you may have about the purpose of this day.  See the attached information sheet for more information.


What is Challenge Day?

Challenge Day is a 6-hour transformational day of fun, leadership and power that is led by a team of experts.  This experience will change the way people view one another forever.  It is designed to help stop the teasing, violence and alienation that affect’s our students lives and school experiences each and every day.  Games, trust-building activities and presentations will give our students and staff a unique opportunity to see themselves and the people around them through a new set of eyes. Through the activities, the walls of separation that divide people from one another are broken down, and the participants leave the experience with new levels of respect and communication with their peers, teachers, parents, community and themselves. This program addresses the issues of violence, racism, teasing, stereotypes, tobacco, drugs and alcohol within the context of teen life.

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