Get involved with walking and bicycling activities at CCMS

With the absence of school buses this year at Cesar Chavez Middle School, we want to make sure that traffic congestion does not increase and your children are safe getting to school. At the same time, we want to encourage healthy,active choices for your children, so we are working with Safe Routes to Schools to promote walking, bicycling, skateboarding, scootering and carpooling this year. The San Francisco Bay Area’s 511 traveler information service is introducing a new, free service called SchoolPool that helps parents share the responsibility of getting children to school. SchoolPool matches parents who make similar school trips. Whether you are driving your children to school, or bicycling or walking with them, SchoolPool can help you share these responsibilities with other parents and save you time. Sharing the ride reduces traffic congestion, which improves safety and air quality.


Free and easy to use. Register at Get your “Matchlist” with the names and contact information of other parents, and e-mail or call themto arrange shared rides to school.


Confidential, too. 511 does not disclose your child’s name. Only your name and the contact information you provide will be shared with others.


Sign up today at You’ll add time to your day as well as make your child’s school safer and improve air quality — and do your part to cool the planet.


Get involved with walking and bicycling activities at CCMS! To learn more see, and contact our Safe Routes Site Coordinator, Carrie Harvilla at 510-740-3150x326

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